The Best UK Movies

Hollywood is truly one of the greatest powers (if not the greatest) in world cinema and its blockbusters to have a wide reach, global appeal, but it is not the beginning and end of all film creation. Despite often having smaller budgets and lesser-known stars, British films can reach the same heights of storytelling as their American counterparts can, but they don’t usually get the same recognition. Here we look at 10 of the best British films ever made.

  1. The Life of Brian (1979)

The British comedy company known as Monty Python praised both sides of the thr pond but when they released their film The Life of Brian, which caused consternation both at home and abroad. A film after a man who mistakes the Messiah, who tries to escape his new fame while also avoiding the persecution of the Romans. It’s silly, openly ridiculous religious groups, but many still felt that this was an insult to Christianity. Banned in many American states and Counties, the film later, when being praised as a comedy classic for its attitude of religious norms as well as the tropes of storytelling. Full of absurd comedy, the most citable one-line and a number still musical, it has to be seen.

  1. Brazil (1985)

by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python and starring his comedy partner Michael Palin, this film has a dystopian vision of the narrative and asks, what if all of these totalitarian states were a bureaucratic nightmare? A blow to the British bureaucracy and a love tribute to novels and films like 1984, this film is terrifying and delicious to the same extent as one man becomes an enemy of the state only because there was an error in a machine that processes a form Aryan that presented.

  1. Withnail & i (1987)

Unemployed and lacking money to pay rent, two actors tire of London and flee to the British camp to try to regain some vitality, but they have to endure the true nature of people and not to the peasant friends who have read about books. Becoming a drinking journey of colossal calamity and failure, this is an icon of British comedy, as well as a hard and honest look at British drinkculture. However, it does capture the hills and moor in a spectacular and fun way.

  1. Trainspotting (1996)

A story that follows a group of Scottish drug addicts in the 90s, who are in living and pulsating flesh and force the nature of friendship, masculinity and addiction. Uncompromisingly in the pieces with a sharp and delicious wit, Ewan McGregor was announced to the world along with director Danny Boyle. A swequel is currently in the works.

  1. The Full Monty (1997)

A British comedy after a group of unemployed miners in a former industrial city looking for work.

Returning to desperation they form an unlikely exotic dance group as a money-making scheme and the film went on to become a global success story by getting four Oscar nominations and BAFTA winner for best picture. Starring a young Robert Carlyle was this, along with Trainpotting, which made it the name of the house it is today.

  1. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Fresh from his cult sit-com in the UK, actor and writer Simon Pegg launched his film career with what he called the first Zom-rom-com taking a wry look at a zombie apocalypse. While gently tapping the zombie horror genre in a loving way that pays homage to many of the greats, but also points directly to pop culture, as well as an excellent British drinking culture as well. Playing, nostalgic and hilarious.

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