Most Successful British Actors

There is a strange custom in the film industry that is to choose actors to play roles of other nationalities to their own. Australians by Britons. British by Americans. In some cases it can become a real disaster, but in many others, a real success. And it is that, many British actors are so good at imitating the American accent that you will not believe that they were not born there. We review the 16 British actors and actresses who have perfectly faked their accent in well-known films.

  1. Christian Bale – American Psych

The Pembrokeshire-born actor (Wales) has created his name as the quintessential American assassin (not to mention the American billionaire superhero, Batman).

  1. Rosamund Pike – Lost

Gillian Flynn’s cool wife played it by blaming her husband for his own murder while she pretended not to be born in the Thames capital.

  1. Naomie Harris – Moonlight

The London actress earned an Oscar nomination for her role as an abusive, terrifying, drug-addicted, and increasingly haggard mother of Miami’s slums. What’s even more surprising is that he recorded his share in just three days, without any essays.

  1. Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 years of slavery

Who could be chosen for the role of abolitionist American Solomon Northup? How about that boy from Love Actually, Chiwetel Ejiofor, from London’s Forest Gate district?

  1. Kate Winslet – Forget Me

For the Rose™certificate of English, the Berkshire Winslet had no problem living up to his co-star, Jim Carrey, in the eccentric drama Michael Gondry. The actress earned a new Oscar nomination for her great effort.

  1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Wells of Ambition

… and Lincoln. And Gangs of New York. And The Crucible. Let’s leave it here, it’s clear that Daniel Day-Lewis does everything better than anyone else.

  1. Henry Cavill – The Man of Steel

There’s nothing more American than Superman, is there? We’re not the biggest fans of the new Clark Kent, but it must be acknowledged that you don’t notice that Jersey was born, not in New Jersey.

  1. David Oyelowo – The newspaper guy

Not content with acting in Lee Daniels’ American drama, Oxford-born actor David Oyelowo curled the curl by playing an American journalist pretending to be English… and he came out of 10.

  1. Andrew Garfield – The Amazing Spider-Man

Okay, it’s true that Andrew Garfield’s father is American, and that he was born in Los Angeles, but grew up in Epsom, a small town in County Surrey, United Kingdom. And he also played an iconic American superhero (better not knowing what you think of the film in general).

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