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Thundercats Film to be Released in 2020

Warner Brothers have made the premiere of the film ThunderCats: The Cosmic Cats, inspired by the famous 80’s animated series.
“It’s a project we’ve been carrying for a long time with the desire to do, and now it finally coincided with everything to get it to the big screen,” said a spokesman for the production company. “And we started to release it in mid-2020.”

ThunderCatswill is directed by Michael Bay (director of the Transformers saga) and will feature top-notch performances such as Brad Pitt in lion-O’sstarring role, Vin Diesel, as Panthro, and Hugh Jackman plays Tiger among others.

The film industry does not stop, and we can already make the first list with advances of the upcoming premieres of 2020. All points to the point that, one more year, the most-watched films will be superhero franchises again, but luckily, there is much more cinema to stand out among this year’s movie releases. Then the compilation with the most anticipated films that will reach the billboard in 2020, with official release dates in the USA and Spain.

The Best Premieres of 2020 on the Billboard

Bad Boys for Life

The third installment of the series with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as the protagonists.
Why are we waiting for you?
After rejecting the starring role in the sequel to”Independence Day” or in the new installment of”Men in Black”, all suggest that Will Smith has come across a dash to return to the 13-year-old “Two Rebel Cops” after its second installment. This time we won’t have Michael Bay behind the scenes, and the witness will be loaned to Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, with two films behind them, Black (2015) and Gangsta (2018), absolutes unknown in Hollywood.

No Time to Kill

James Bond has decided after a lifetime dedicated to shaking Martinis, codifying women, and killing on behalf of his majesty to seek a quieter life. To this end, he has moved to a small town in Naples with the intention of opening a shoe repair shop, but his plans are complicated when he has to deal with the complicated procedures to become self-employed in the transalpine country. It’s a joke; it’s 007, you have to see it and period.
Why are we waiting for you?
Because it’s the 25th movie in the series and the last with Daniel Craig in the role of Bond, Rami Malek is already taking advantage of the pull of his Oscar for Bohemian Rhapsody and will be the villain of a film that also has a very attractive director like Cari J. Fukunaga(True Detective). The Cuban-Spanish Ana de Armas will be one of the co-stars with Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, and Billy Magnussen(Aladdin).

The Six Billion Dollar Man

A severely wounded soldier is chosen to be part of a secret U.S. government pilot program. The purpose is to save his life and turn him into a bionic being with superhuman qualities.

Why are we waiting for you?
Because it’s the adaptation of a mythical series from the ’70s. Mark Wahlberg has been chosen to bring to life Steve Austin, a character who in the original series, was played by Lee Majors.

Top Gun: Maverick

What does he tell us?
It’s been more than 30 years since the young pilots of Top Gun Academy played to see who the alpha male of the pack was while putting on Ray Ban’s aviator glasses and stung in showers in the purest gladiator film style. Will they be as abnormal as then? Official synopsis in briefly.
Why should we see her?
Because it’s the late sequel to one of the commercial film myths of the ’80s, Top Gun made Tom Cruise the film star who dominated the box office box escaping the world during the 1980s and 1990s. Mission Impossible protagonist had been trying for years to get the project going, and he’s finally going to be Joseph Kosinski, one of the greatest visually talents of the last decade(Tron: Legacy, Oblivion), the director of this blockbuster who will fight to become one of the most-watched films of the year.

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