Cigarette Burns Cinema

Event Review: Cigarette Burns Cinema presents Joseph Cates’ exploitation thriller “Who Killed Teddy Bear”

The mission of Cigarette Burns Cinema is to champion the good old fashioned experience of celluloid, and in particular, celluloid oddities and rarities. So it was, from a certain point of view, actually a positive development that a 35mm print of Joseph Cates’ scandalous, noirish proto-exploitation thriller, Who Killed Teddy Bear, could not be located in […]

Scalarama 2014: Cigarette Burns and Psychotronic Cinema bring Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left back to UK screens

1972, US, 84 minutes. Playing as part of Scalarama 2014. See here for screening details nation-wide. RATING ★★★★★ Originally banned in the UK and seeing only a limited home video release and the odd public showing in the mid 00s, director Wes Craven’s 1972 debut The Last House on the Left (produced by Sean S. […]

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