THE BECHDEL TEST FEST presents RECLAIM THE ROM-COM ( Genesis, Sunday 8th February)

THE BECHDEL TEST FEST presents RECLAIM THE ROM-COM – Sunday 8th February

Genesis Cinema, 8th February

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This February, the BFC sets a challenge to viewers: can films in the “rom-com” genre pass the famous “Bechdel Test” in any way (the test that judges if female characters on screen act in a way that shows them to be independent of men)? Come watch a programme of rom-coms, hear from some experts, and judge for yourself.

“If you’re looking for a rom-com that gets the official feminist seal of approval, just stop. It doesn’t exist.”

This is the charge from Guardian journalist and certified rom-com scholar Chloe Angyal. Is she right? 

We think we’ve found some movies that challenge that. Come and decide for yourself, bring a mate or a date and we’ll take a post-screening vote. Plus we’ve found rom-com experts (these people really exist!) to discuss the problems and solutions to female roles in romantic comedies. Joining us is Alice Guilluy – from Kings College who is studying responses to romantic comedies and film journalist Simran Hans (BFI, Film Four & Little White Lies) who will also share her thoughts.

Doors – 1.30pm

2pm – Obvious Child

The first ‘feminist abortion rom-com’ written and directed by Gillian Robespierre starring Jenny Slate, Gabby Hoffmann and Richard Kind.

3.30pm – Panel Discussion

Film journalist Simran Hans and rom-com researcher Alice Guilluy discuss Chloe Angyal’s claim and ask you the audience to vote on if you think she’s right!

4.30pm – The Philadelphia Story

1940’s classic rom-com starring Katharine Hepburn and Carey Grant.

Tickets: FREE – Claim yours on Eventbrite here. 

The Bechdel Test Fest is a celebration of films that pass the Bechdel Test. Find out more here!

THE BECHDEL TEST FEST presents RECLAIM THE ROM-COM ( Genesis, Sunday 8th February)
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