Prince Charles Cinema October Highlights

October Highlights:

Saturday 18 October.- Arnie All-Nighter- The ever-popular Schwarzenegger, on all-night bender, can you handle it, or will you “get to the chopper”?

Wednesday 22 October – Street Trash – celluloid champion Cigarette Burns returns with Street Trash, which is, in their own words: “a seminal melt movie, STREET TRASH is in a class all it’s own, loved by nearly everyone who has witnessed it’s neon majesty. A flawless example of horror comedy, in the way that only the 80s could have delivered, a gloriously grotty look at Brooklyn in the height of it’s decay. ”

Saturday 18 October –Scream Marathon – the meta horror all nighter.

Throughout October- Boyhood missed Richard Linklater’s acclaimed indie drama, that was shot over twelve years? Catch it at the PCC on its extended run.

Prince Charles Cinema October Highlights
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