DVD Bang – film rental South Korean style

If you want to see how the South Koreans do movie nights,  DVD Bang in Waterloo from 21 November might satisfy your curiosity. Similar to the concept of renting a karaoke booth, DVD Bang is a not-for-profit project based on the lo-fi South Korean movie rental shops and micro cinemas. DVD-bangs are South Korean entertainment spaces where you dont get a ticket to see a film: you rent the room space with some chums, stock up on snacks, and choose the movie you want. This imported version is running in a shop-front in Waterloo and offers a selection of East Asian Sci-Fi cult classics and rare collections including Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Park Chan-Wook’s I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK, pink movie musical Underwater Love and acid nightmare Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack.

DVDBANG has a recommended capacity of 10 people. All ages welcome, but ID may be required for certain film choices and for alcohol purchase.

Part of BFI Sci-Fi Days of Fear and Wonder film season, running until December 2014 across the UK.

The Smoke Screen team rented our own booth this week, stocked up on Shrimp crackers and South Korean sweet puff crackers, and watched a bluray of Satoshi Kon’s surreal Inception-like  anime Paprika.

DVD Bang – film rental South Korean style
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