London Cinema Event

Sir Ian McKellan spearheads the newly-launched BFI Shakespeare on Film project

Who better to launch the BFI’s nationwide celebration of the Bard – The BFI Presents Shakespeare on Film –  than the actor who has played, on stage and screen, some of his most memorable characters, including Richard III and Macbeth? Today, Ian McKellen was at BFI Southbank, in his role as the chief spokesperson for the project, to discuss […]

The Genesis Cinema says goodbye to David Bowie with “The Man Who Fell to Earth”

Bowie as an alien vistor lost in America in The Man Who Fell To Earth It was no surprise to see, amidst the outpouring of sympathy and praise following the recent death of David Bowie, that several London cinemas intended to honour the legendary artist by arranging screenings of his film work. Bowie never committed […]

DVD Bang – film rental South Korean style

If you want to see how the South Koreans do movie nights,  DVD Bang in Waterloo from 21 November might satisfy your curiosity. Similar to the concept of renting a karaoke booth, DVD Bang is a not-for-profit project based on the lo-fi South Korean movie rental shops and micro cinemas. DVD-bangs are South Korean entertainment spaces where you […]

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