Ian McKellen on Richard III and Shakespeare on film: ‘You can have a wonderful “Shakespeare movie” with hardly any Shakespeare in it all…’

UK-USA 1995 Directed by Richard Loncraine 103 min Digital 15 Playing in the BFI’s Shakespeare on Film Season. RATING: ★★★★★ Back on the big screen in a new Park Circus digital restoration, and part of the BFI Shakespeare on Film Season, Richard III is looking mighty fine at age 21. A bombastic and zippily-paced adaption […]

“Russell Brand…he’s like a phoenix from the ashes,” director Ondi Timoner on making “Brand: A Second Coming”

The mercurial Russell Brand is the subject of Dig! director Ondi Timoner’s new documentary He used to be just a naughty boy, but now he might actually be the messiah. Or, maybe, he is a bit of both. Viewers can make up their own minds about comedian-turned-political revolutionary Russell Brand after catching director Ondi Timoner’s […]

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