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Interview: Murder, motherhood and moviemaking – Sightseers co-writer and star Alice Lowe discusses her directorial debut PREVENGE

Alice Lowe in Prevenge, which she wrote, directed and acted in while pregnant In her debut film Prevenge, writer-director Alice Lowe takes a blowtorch to the picture postcard image of pregnancy. In this deliciously twisted serial killer black comedy, she plays the 30-something, very pregnant, Ruth. If things weren’t hard enough for Ruth, trying to […]

Ian McKellen on Richard III and Shakespeare on film: ‘You can have a wonderful “Shakespeare movie” with hardly any Shakespeare in it all…’

UK-USA 1995 Directed by Richard Loncraine 103 min Digital 15 Playing in the BFI’s Shakespeare on Film Season. RATING: ★★★★★ Back on the big screen in a new Park Circus digital restoration, and part of the BFI Shakespeare on Film Season, Richard III is looking mighty fine at age 21. A bombastic and zippily-paced adaption […]

At its best, documentary film blows fiction out of the water”: Director David Sington discusses his powerful new documentary”The Fear of 13

Nick, the sole narrator and on-screen presence in The Fear of 13. Source: Dogwoof New documentary The Fear of 13, from filmmaker David Sington (the award-winning director behind the acclaimed In the Shadow of the Moon), is a superb example of the impact a good story, told by a compelling storyteller, can make. For virtually […]

“Russell Brand…he’s like a phoenix from the ashes,” director Ondi Timoner on making “Brand: A Second Coming”

The mercurial Russell Brand is the subject of Dig! director Ondi Timoner’s new documentary He used to be just a naughty boy, but now he might actually be the messiah. Or, maybe, he is a bit of both. Viewers can make up their own minds about comedian-turned-political revolutionary Russell Brand after catching director Ondi Timoner’s […]

Deeds not words! Carey Mulligan, Meryl Streep and Sarah Gavron on Suffragette

It has been a while since this writer can remember attending a film press conference where all of the panel guests were women. But with women’s movement drama Suffragette, which opened this year’s London Film Festival, women were not just foregrounded in the casting, but were built into the DNA of the production from the […]

Legends of the East: director Brian Helgeland discusses working with Tom Hardy to recreate the Krays in LEGEND

Where better to screen Brian Helgeland’s new take on the Kray twins – Legend – than in the cinema of the Shoreditch-based cultural centre Rich Mix? The film stars Tom Hardy in a CGI-assisted double role as both Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the London gangsters who rose to power in the 1950s-60s East End and rubbed shoulders […]

Director Richard Linklater discusses his twelve year project ‘Boyhood’

Boyhood, with Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette and Lorelai Linklater I had the privilege in June to be in the audience for the BFI South Bank Q&A event with director Richard Linklater, who was in town to discuss his new film Boyhood, released in the UK July 10. The film itself earned a rare Smoke Screen […]

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