Film Clubs

Event Review: Science Fiction Theatre presents: 1973s Westworld

With HBOs highly-acclaimed new scifi show Westworld currently enjoying lashings of critical praise, whilst also consuming the tireless brains of hardcore fans determined to unearth the show’s underlying mythology, the gurus behind the film club Science Fiction Theatre felt the time was right to revisit the original 1973 film that HBO mined for its new […]

In praise of the Badlands Collective’s Scalarama Cannon Cinema season – Barfly and 52-Pickup

Scalarama, the UK-wide celebration of repertory cinema, is in full swing this month. Doing their part to bring rarely-seen, challenging, and sometimes just downright weird cinema to the masses are the Badlands Collective.  Their manifesto is simple: “We’re a group of film curators in London dedicated to putting on great events.” Their contribution to Scalarama […]

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