Month: July 2014

Review of Rooftop Cinema Club at the Bussey Building, Peckham, S.London

Memento on the Bussey Building Roof London is literally swamped in cinema pop-ups this year: check out this website’s calendar if you don’t believe me. At least four are fighting for the city’s park spaces and piazzas on any one week this summer. They often share similar programmes too, so it’s entirely possible, should the […]

Director Richard Linklater discusses his twelve year project ‘Boyhood’

Boyhood, with Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette and Lorelai Linklater I had the privilege in June to be in the audience for the BFI South Bank Q&A event with director Richard Linklater, who was in town to discuss his new film Boyhood, released in the UK July 10. The film itself earned a rare Smoke Screen […]

Event Review: Q&A with director Charlie Ahearn about his new film Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer

Recently previewed at BFI Southbank, Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer is the new documentary from the director of the trailblazing hip-hop film Wild Style, Charlie Ahearn. The film looks at the late-twentieth century work of New York-based photographer Shabazz, who’s camera has captured the fashions, music tastes and politics of New York’s urban cultures, including the rap/hip-hop community, […]

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