Is Secret Cinema going to go even bigger in 2015?

The whispers (read that as, ambiguous dreamy emails) have started. Having had a rocky 2014 with the much-publicised delay to the start of their Back the Future special, cinema event organisation Secret Cinema and its director Fabian Riggall seem nevertheless unafraid about coming back in a big way in 2015 and have started dropping hints as to what will be going down.

Emails and updated web pages today indicated the organisation will be spreading its wings further than ever before. Aside from the usual cinema, short film, live music events there would be "theatre, nightlife, art, fashion, travel and more" in 2015. Secret Cinema also promised that " [in] secret cities we will take over abandoned buildings and transform them into theatre sets, where secret worlds appear and disappear, and creative communities find space to flourish."

The Secret Cinema website gives a hint of the "secret worlds" to come, some familiar, some new (the theatre, cities and gallery strands have either never been seen before or not been prominent). 

Promised in 2015 are: Secret Cinema, Secret Cinema Presents, Secret Cinema X, Secret Music, Secret Restaurant, Secret Hotel, Secret Gallery, Secret Space, Secret Theatre, Secret Cities. 

Can this even be called a "film event organisation" any more? Will increased scale mean more delays, as with Back to the Future? Read the press below....

From Secret Cinema's Press Release: 

'With each new world we create, we strive for an audience more engaged, more adventurous and more powerful. The audience inhabits a new identity, a new perspective, and the ability to disrupt our worlds in a wholly unpredictable number of ways.' – Fabien Riggall

Secret Dreamers,

Secret Cinema will take you to new worlds in 2015. We are building an army of dreamers across the globe. As we plan our adventures for the coming year, keep your ears to the ground for secret messages about how you can join the movement. We are looking for those of you hungry for romance, mystery and magic to discover new and forgotten worlds along with us. Please read carefully about the SECRET WORLD.

2015 will see our many creative projects come together, from cinema and short film to live music, theatre, nightlife, art, fashion, travel and more. We are going to create a new cultural community, one that exists through experience, interaction and imagination, blurring the lines between performance and audience. In secret cities we will take over abandoned buildings and transform them into theatre sets, where secret worlds appear and disappear, and creative communities find space to flourish. 
We will send news soon.  
Remember. Tell No One. #SecretDreamer

Good Luck,
Secret Cinema


Owen Van Spall

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