Cigarette Burns and Psychotronic Cinema bringing a 35mm print of Wes Craven's 'The Last House on the Left' to London

3rd September 2014, 7pm

Prince Charles Cinema

Tickets and details here.

Playing as part of Scalarama Festival.

Cult film event maestro Cigarette Burns is back for another 35mm outing, this time teaming up with Psychotronic Cinema to bring Wes Craven's notorious 1972 video nasty Last House on the Left to the masses, along with some special extras. This film has been rarely seen here in the UK on the cinema screen.

In the words of the CB:

"In September, comes a month long tour of hell. 
As part of ScalaramaCigarette Burns Cinema has teamed up with Scotland'sPsychotronic Cinema to bring the original LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT to the UK in all it's grimy glory on #35mm
The wonderful One Way Static Records have pressed up an exclusive flexi of the original radio spots and will be available only at the screenings, limited to 200 only. He's also dug out the very last copies of the RSD picture disc of the LAST HOUSE OST, which is a great record! 
On 35mm, with a crowd... You know this will be a blast!!!"

From the Prince Charles Site:

"Psychotronic and Cigarette Burns Cinema team up to present a series of ultra-rare UK cinema screenings of the notorious video nasty LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

When two innocent girls head to the big city for their first rock gig, little do they expect their simple diversion to score a bit of weed would go so disastrously wrong for all involved.

Released in 1972, Wes Craven"s rough-edged directorial debut LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remains as controversial now, as it did then. Suffering for decades under an outright UK ban, before finally seeing an official home video release in the mid "00s and a few, very limited theatrical screenings in the UK, we are pleased to bring this groundbreaking and nerve shattering nasty to UK screens on 35mm for it"s largest and longest theatrical run ever.

Wes Craven closes the door on the hippie 60s and kicks down a new path to the post Vietnam era of harsh brutality, in a movie you won"t soon forget, but don"t worry, it"s only a movie...

Psychotronic Cinema is a monthly cult film event which has been dedicated to bringing the world"s greatest, rarest and flat out weirdest cult movies to Scottish cinema screens for over a decade. While down south, Cigarette Burns flies the battered and bloodied flag of celluloid, screening 35 and 16mm genre magic wherever there"s a projector."