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Stolen Summers: The Green Ray at the Lexi Cinema (2 September)

Green Ray hi-res.jpg

The Lexi

September 2 at 2pm

A chance to catch Eric Rohmer’s nuanced, authentic and very romantic character drama The Green Ray (1986). Perfect for fans of the walk-and-talk aesthetic of Richard Linklater.

Part of the Lexi's Stolen Summers film season: a celebration of the European summer holiday and the pleasure and trouble that travel invites.

From the Lexi:

Eric Rohmer’s classic The Green Ray (1986) (right) and Joanna Hogg’s assured first feature Unrelated (2007) evoke the pleasures and pains of a summer for two women on paths to self-discovery beneath the European sun. Rohmer’s Delphine is a beautiful young Parisian who has been dumped by her boyfriend and searches for new meaning in her life. Hogg’s Anna is middle-aged and struggling with her marriage, but finds herself tempted by new desires abroad. The film also offers a sharp perspective of British middle-class discontents amongst her group of friends.

Together the films are cinematic pleasures that chime with our experiences of love and loss. Delphine’s summer is nearly ruined when she finds herself alone. She explores her holiday options in France but feels increasingly isolated from family and friends. She demonstrates a great capacity for grief yet engages in earnest conversations – this gives the film a contemplative mood and encourages introspection. Anna attempts to immerse herself in a new world over the summer but she is still weighed down by her husband’s agitation back home. The nuance of Unrelated lies in its unadorned portrait of Anna’s uncertainty at this crossroads she faces. The Green Ray delivers an exceptional final encounter, which Jonathan Romney in The Observer says, “will send you out of the cinema floating”, while Unrelated achieves a deeply true to life resolve that is hopeful and tender in equal parts. 

Perfect for this long hot summer - The Green Ray and Unrelated together! A double dose of angst and maddening central female character.” Kathryn Worth (Anna, Unrelated)

Curated by Taryn Joffe of the National Film and Television School.

The double screening is priced at £8 for each film, but if tickets are purchased for both the total drops to £14.  (That's £12 for both, to Lexi members.)

Supported by the National Film and Television Schoo