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BRICK (2005) - Forever Young Film Club at Deptford Cinema (July 18)


Deptford Cinema| Wednesday, July 18, 2018 7:30 PM  

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The Forever Young Film Club are a new film collective determined to celebrate and reappraise classic coming-of-age and teen films, while also exploring lesser known gems through regular screenings and events.

High school loner Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) discovers a note leading him to a pay phone, where he receives a call from his distraught ex-girlfriend begging him for help. She mentions a "brick” before abruptly hanging up and disappearing completely. Brendan sets about obsessively investigating what happened to her, following various clues that come his way - photographs, a party invitation, a piece of paper with a cryptic sign and the word 'midnight'…

Before The Last Jedi and Looper, there was Brick, Rian Johnson’s slick, genre subverting, teen film noir. Don’t be fooled, Johnson’s debut feature is not some whimsical Bugsy Malone type spoof. It is a serious, stylised, hardboiled thriller, a sharp mind game and darkly amusing take on the isolated world of high school.


*Doors Open 7pm*
*Programme Start 7.30pm*
*Age Restriction over 15*