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GIRLHOOD (2014) - Forever Young Film Club (Deptford Cinema, 22 June)


22 June| 7pm| Deptford Cinema

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A new film club that looks to re-evaualte the coming-of-age drama, Forever Young have director Céline Sciamma's frank, well-acted and vibrant Girlhood as their next film on June 22.

Growing up in the tough Parisian projects with an oppressive home life, 16 year old Marieme, disillusioned with school and her options for the future, is drawn into a stylish and feisty gang of young women. In their arms she finds promise of escape, reinvention and most of all, confidence and worth. However this new found empowerment is not without its challenges.

Alongside dramas Water Lilies (2007) and Tomboy (2011), the third film in director Céline Sciamma's self-proclaimed coming-of-age trilogy once again delicately dabbles with themes of identity and solidarity. Sciamma utilises her trademark of working with non-actors, not only drawing out astonishing performances from newcomers Karidja Touré and Assa Sylla, but creating a very authentic feeling depiction of electric, young female friendship.

French, with English subtitles.