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Artists & Activists Second Wave Feminist Filmmakers (Barbican 2-3 June)


Barbican Cinema 2-3 June

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The Barbican hosts a weekend of conversation and films from feminist filmmakers in the 1970s – pioneering films that gave voice to stories and issues long silenced.

The women’s movement empowered women to step behind the camera in larger numbers. The ground-breaking directors highlighted in this series made films outside the mainstream industry, frequently through activist film cooperatives and collectives.  Their work was screened in ‘consciousness-raising’ groups, at political conventions and in other alternative venues, and was often intended to spark discussion and action on women’s issues.

These films offered alternate visions to the mainstream, introducing subjects of interest to women and reshaping how films were made in ways that continue to be influential. Through cinema vérité, animation, experimentation and autobiographical techniques – such as images from dreams and entries from diaries – a new cinematic language was forged to capture a shared experience.