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Cigarette Burns Presents The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane (28 July)

Prince Charles Cinema

Thursday 28 July 845pm

Another slice of celluloid crime from 35mm aficionado Cigarette Burns, playing as part of the  the Prince Charles  35mm  Check the Gate season, in concert with film distributor, Park Circus . A season dedicated to celebrating the continued importance of keeping film on film. See the link for full Check the Gate listings.
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane was released during an exceptionally busy year for young Jodie FosterBugsy Malone and Taxi Driver were already out when this thriller was released in November of 1976, her 4th of 5 films for the year. 
Based on Laird Koenig's novel of the same name, he and French director Nicholas Gessner knocked out a strange film that swifty vanished, and has remained rarely seen since. 
Foster plays Rynn, a defiant and independent 13 year old, who is happily living her solitary life until the local creep Frank, played by an exceptionally lascivious Micheal Sheen bursts into her house...