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Doc/Fest Picks! 6 of the best from Sheffield Doc/Fest 2016 in London (22-24 July)

6 FILMS IN 3 DAYS AT BERTHA DOCHOUSE at Curzon Bloomsbury.
DOC/FEST PICKS is a new collaboration with Sheffield Doc/Fest to bring you six of the best films from this year's festival for an exclusive weekend in July.

The full programme can be found below. 

London Premiere
THE CONFESSION + Q&A with Moazzam Begg and Dir. Ashish Ghadiali
Dir. Ashish Ghadiali
Fri 22 July | 19:30

Moazzam Begg has witnessed a generation of conflict. Here he tells his extraordinary story, chronicling the rise of modern jihad, its descent into terror, and the disastrous reaction of the West.

Dir. Samira Goetschel
Sat 23 July | 16:10

Welcome to ‘City 40’, where the residents have one of the highest standards of living in Russia – before dying prematurely of radiation poisoning. Secret filming takes us inside the city, which was closed to the outside world for decades.


+ Q&A with Kirsten Johnson, via Skype

Dir. Kirsten Johnson
Sat 23 July | 18:00
American cinematographer Kirsten Johnson has traveled the world working with the greatest documentary filmmakers. In this thoroughly engrossing film, she refashions some of her footage into a kaleidoscopic musing on documenting the world.

Dir. John Dower
Sat 23 July | 20:45
Following a long fascination with the religion and with much experience dealing with eccentric human behaviour, Louis Theroux delves into the murky world of Scientology.