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Duke Mitchell Film Club Presents: DUKEFEST THE THIRD (26-29 June)

The Duke Mitchell Film Club, the purveyors of ridiculous and rare cinema treats, preferably shown from celluloid or even VHS if possible, are back for their 3rd multi-day festival. Treats include a VHS found footage night, a homemade Satanic cult video warning special, and doc 20 Years of Madness, which explores what happened when the founder of a bizarre mid-90s Public Access TV show in Detroit reunited the down-on-their-luck cast after 20 years to make a new episode.

Full details below:

When: Sunday 26 June – Wednesday 29 June, 2016
Where: The Prince Charles Cinema & PimpShuei

Sunday 26 June
8.45PM | 20 Years of Madness | Opening Night| The Prince Charles Cinema

Monday 27 June
7.00PM | Enter The World Of Mr Cosmic | Free Entry | PimpShuei
8.00PM | How to Survive a Satanic Cult | Free Entry | PimpShuei

Tuesday 28 June
7.00PM | The Found Footage Guide To Life | Free Entry | PimpShuei
8.00PM | The Great VHS Experiment Part IV: Found Footage Edition | Free Entry | PimpShuei

Wednesday 29 June
9.00PM | The 35mm Trailer Party  | Closing Night| The Prince Charles Cinema