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A Young Patriot (Chinese Visual Festival, 18 May) at Bertha DocHouse

Date: WED 18 MAY, 2016

Time: 18:20 Price: £9 (£7 CONCESSIONS)

Screening as part of the 2016 Chinese Visual Festival, which runs 11th - 20th May in London


A Young Patriot is a documentary about a post-90s young man Xiao Zhao. The film follows the protagonist Xiao Zhao's life experience, from a 19-year-old boy waving flag and shouting slogan " Long live China! Go China!" on the street of Pingyao ancient town in Shanxi province, to a college student in Chengdu of Sichuan province, and as a volunteer teaching in Liangshan Yi autonomous region. It records Xiao Zhao's emotional and ideological change during the four years starting from his senior high school to his sophomore year, and meanwhile witnesses and presents the restlessness and disturbance the Chinese society is currently undergoing.