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Guardian Docs: UNDER THE GUN + Panel at DocHouse (13 April)

Date:  WED 13 APRIL, 2016

Time:  18:20 | Price:  £9 (£7 CONCESSIONS) 


Under the Gun is a new documentary that takes you right into the heart of one of the most controversial lobbying groups in the US today: the National Rifle Association, staunch defenders of the right to bear arms, even in an era of seemingly unending mass shootings. The April 13 screening at DocHouse will be followed by panel talk with experts and filmmakers.


Dir: Stephanie Soechtig
United States / 2015 / 110mins

The first in our new partnership with Guardian Docs, each screening will be followed by a Q&A or panel discussion. First up is the UK Premiere of Sundance favourite, Under the Gun.

★★★★ "Stephanie Soechtig takes us inside the NRA, and for perhaps the first time in any film we get a full sense of their psychology." - BBC

“It’s effectively unnerving, infuriating, and heartbreaking, and the best film on firearms we’ve seen since the 2002’s Oscar-winning doc Bowling for Columbine.” - Yahoo 

In the past few years, a drastic rise in mass shootings has ripped across the United States, compounding an epidemic of gun violence.

Despite a growing body count at the hands of guns, and the outpouring of shock and outrage that comes with it, the nation has failed to respond with meaningful action.  What is keeping the two sides of this debate—those favoring stricter gun laws and Second Amendment purists like the NRA—from finding common ground?  Through the lens of families impacted by the mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson, as well as the daily gun violence in Chicago, the film, by Stephanie Soechtig and Katie Couric, examines why politicians are refusing to act.

Followed by a panel discussion with speakers including Under the Gun director Stephanie Soechtig (via skype), Ewen MacAskill, the Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent, and Peter Squires, Professor of Criminology & Public Policy at University of Brighton