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Deptford Cinema's J.G. Ballard Season: Crash (1 April)

FRIDAY  - 01/04/16
Doors - 20:00
Programme Start - 20:30
Tickets - £5 (£3.50 conc)

With Ben Wheatley's High-Rise (reviewed here) currently playing in cinemas across the UK, dystopian author J.G Ballard's work is once again in the spotlight. Appropriately, the second instalment of the Deptford Cinema's J.G. Ballard on Film seasons playing this week, is David Cronenberg's 1996 adaptation of Crash. James Spader takes the lead as commercials producer James Ballard whose involvement in a fatal car accident finds him drawn into a bizarre world of sexual obsession, danger and technology. His uncompromising journey into what Ballard called, "that brutal, erotic and overlit realm" delivers an urgent warning about the hazards of our modern world. On its release the film proved as controversial as the novel on which it was based; the result though is a startling and provocative piece of cinema. Please note this film will be shown from DVD and the quality of the projection will reflect this. It also contains material that some viewers may find disturbing.

Rating: 18
Run-time: 100m
Year/Country: 1996/ Canada/UK