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Picturehouse Cinemas presents: A Vintage Sundays season of Hitchcock and Truffaut (6 March- 10 April)

Tying in with Kent Jones's new documentary Hitchcock/Truffaut: which documents the meeting between the two legendary auteurs and the impact of Truffaut's resulting book on film criticism and history, Picturehouse Cinemas will be screening some of the most beloved films from each director on alternate Sundays through March and April. Cineastes rejoice!

Season Details

Mother's Day Special: Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s stunningly realised tale of gruesome murders and sly verbal sparring at the Bates Motel.

Sun 6 Mar 

Jules Et Jim

In terms of both the inspiration for filmmakers and the public affection it engendered, this might be considered the high point of the entire New Wave.

Sun 13 Mar 

Rear Window

One of Hitchcock’s most celebrated and morally complex films, with the camera restrained as tightly as the incapacitated protagonist and aligned to his privileged yet restricted point of view.

Sun 20 Mar 

Day For Night

An enjoyable comedy about the everyday crises – emotional and practical – faced by a director, the cast and the crew as they film a soapy love story in Nice.

Sun 27 Mar 


Recently voted the greatest film of all time by Sight And Sound, Hitchcock’s masterpiece is a typically idiosyncratic take on film noir.

Sun 3 Apr 

The 400 Blows

Truffaut's first feature remains a fresh and vivid evocation of childhood as well as a love letter to the world of movies.

Sun 10 Apr