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Big Trouble in Little China 70mm screenings at the Prince Charles Cinema (19 March- 18 April)

The PCC continues to make excellent use of its new 70mm capabilities, and having enjoyed sell out runs of Die Hard in 70mm at Christmas, now the PCC intend to honour director John Carpenter with a 70mm run of his cult-favourite Big Trouble in Little China.

Details below:

This March and April, in time for it's 30th Anniversary, The Prince Charles Cinema will bring John Carpenter's BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA on 70mm back to the big screen. Come celebrate this milestone with us, as we will have multiple screenings of this iconic 80s action film on glorious 70mm!

As usual, we will be checking out this print from top to bottom, looking out for any issues. We will let you know, we have been informed that the BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA 70mm print is better than the print of DIE HARD we ran in December, so we are confident and excited about it's state. 



Saturday 19th March 20:45

Saturday 26th March 18:20

Monday 4th April 20:45

Monday 11th April 20:45

Monday 18th April 20:45