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1000 Londoners presents: Selling Out (Lexi Cinema, March 21)

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Mon 21 Mar 19:00

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1000 Londoners are back, their project to document the views and experiences of 1000 Londoners around the capital continues apace. Smoke Screen has already had the privilege of seeing some of their earlier screenings, and found them touching, funny and illuminating, brining out the ubiquitous and the unusual in equal measure.

This programme focuses on shopping in the capital. London is home to open air markets, vast shopping malls, tucked away boutiques and those specialised shops whose existence defies belief. But who are the people who keep these places alive? In this curated programme we go behind the scenes to talk to some of London's most unique shop keepers, market traders and salespeople and explore what life is like for the modern day merchant class in our rich and many textured city.