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Cigarette Burns presents: The Legend of Hell House in 35mm with director Q&A (20th Dec at Regent St Cinema)

Regent Street Cinema.

 20th December, tickets here.

The notorious purveyor of 35mm cult delights - Cigarette Burns - returns in time for the festive season. And appropriately, a Christmas movie is in the offing...although Christmas by way of the CB means something a little different from snowmen and elfs. And so on the 20th of December, the CB will screen 70s horror flick The Legend of Hell House. 

Scripted by Richard Matheson (Twilight Zone TV show, I am Legend, aka Omega Man, aka Last Man On Earth, Stir of Echos etc) and based on his book Hell House, Legend of Hell House is directed by John Hough (Twins of Evil, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, Watch in the Woods, Escape from Witch Mountain). In the words of the CB "together they managed to create one on the most striking and terrifying haunted house films of all time. 
Sure, it's not a film with knife wielding Santas, angry snowmen, or even revenge seeking trees. Yet, it tells the story of an intrepid, if slightly terrified group of "sensitives" spending the night in a haunted house, a house they first enter on the 20th December. 
The question is - when do they leave....?" 

After the film, Cigarette Burns will  welcome director John Hough in conversation with acclaimed film writer and journalist Kim Newman.