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Stanley's Film Club - Kate Plays Christine (30 November)

30 November. Stanley Halls 6pm

Tickets: £8 / £6 members

Timings: Doors 7pm / Film 8pm

Stanley’s Film Club is a part-time cinema in the heart of South Norwood that screens a diverse range of independent films,  new releases, cult classics, documentaries and short films, now screening weekly at the gorgeous Stanley Halls. Find out more at

On 30 November the club will be screening a film that comes highly recommended buy the Smoke Screen: Kate Plays Christine (see the review here.) This leftfield "documentary" follows actor Kate Lyn Sheil preparing to play the role of Christine Chubbuck, a Florida television host who committed suicide on air in 1974. Filmmaker Robert Greene takes a very particular approach to nonfiction storytelling with this subject however, using Kate Lyn Sheil as a conduit to understanding the impossibly complex issues relating to how actors approach filming the life of someone who took their own, and how we as a society continue to probe the dead for entertainment material long after they are gone.