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24th French Film Festival (3-10 November)

24th French Film Festival 3 - 10 Nov
It’s that time of the year again, when French cinema is celebrated UK-wide and especially at Ciné Lumière in London (at Ciné Lumière from 3 to 10 November and nationwide until 7 December). 

Click here to access the full programme of the 24th French Film Festival at Ciné Lumière and check the main highlights below:

From the Land of the Moon 3 Nov
24th French Film Festival
In this handsomely crafted adaptation of Milena Agus’s novel, Marion Cotillard is Gabrielle, a sensual, independent-minded woman in an un-happy marriage, who is sent away to a cure in the Alps. There, she meets André (Louis Garrel), a dashing injured veteran of the Indochina war, who rekindles the passion buried in her.

Followed by a complimentary glass of wine courtesy of Sud de France

The First, the Last 4 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Elements of the western and the gothic thriller come together in this darkly absurd conceptual one-off. Cochise and Gilou, a pair of grizzled bounty hunters, have been hired by a wealthy stranger to obtain a phone that holds some critical information. Their search leads them to Esther and Willy, a homeless young couple.

Preceded by short film Le Repas dominical

The White Knights 4 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Led by Jacques (Vincent Lindon), an NGO is officially established to rescue orphans, but it soon becomes apparent that the organisation’s motives behind saving the orphans are not always altruistic. Provocative, disturbing yet hopeful, the film features standout performances and a gripping script.

A Journey Through French Cinema 5 Nov
24th French Film Festival
A must for film lovers, this documentary charts the history of French cinema from the 1930s to early 1970s. Delving into French classics and including interviews from Jean Renoir, Claude Sautet, Jean-Luc Godard, Louis Malle and François Truffaut, Bertrand Tavernier explores the films that inspired him.

Chocolat 5 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Chocolat relates the true story of the first black artist of the French stage (Omar Sy). From the circus to music halls, the duo he formed with the white clown Footit (James Thierrée) met a huge success in Belle Epoque Paris, before fame, gambling, money and discrimination wore out their friendship and Monsieur Chocolat’s career.

Preceded by short film Merci M. Imada

La Grande vadrouille 6 & 10 Nov
24th French Film Festival
One of the most popular French films in history, La Grande vadrouille, casts Bourvil and Louis De Funès, as two ordinary Frenchmen helping the crew of a Royal Air Force bomber shot down over Paris, make their way through German-occupied France. 

Cézanne and I 6 Nov
24th French Film Festival
This 19th century period drama charts the long friendship and eventual fallout between impressionist artist Paul Cézanne (Guillaume Galienne), who was born into a wealthy family but struggled to make a living as a painter, and Emile Zola (Guillaume Canet), who came from a modest family but achieved fame and prosperity as a politically-engaged novelist.

Un début prometteur 9 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Disenchanted with love and just out of rehab, Martin (Manu Payet) decides to stay at his father’s (Fabrice Luchini) for a few days. There he spends some time with his 16-year-old brother Gabriel and tries to put him off love.

+ Q&A with dir. Emma Luchini

Rosalie Blum 7 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Thirty-something Vincent Machot shares his life between his hair salon, his cousin, his cat and his very invasive mother. But one morning, he experiences a powerful déjà-vu when he meets the gaze of Rosalie Blum. Fully intrigued, he begins to follow her everywhere… Julien Rappeneau’s enchanting directorial debut is a warm, witty and impeccably performed dramedy.

+ Q&A with director Julien Rappeneau

Souvenir 7 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Isabelle Huppert stars as a middle-aged factory worker whose long-ago brush with fame comes to the fore again when she begins a romance with a young aspiring boxer. Souvenir benefits from the refreshing presence of Kévin Azaïs alongside an Isabelle Huppert willing to challenge, explore and expand her artistry.

The Red Turtle 10 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Through the story of a shipwrecked sailor on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds, The Red Turtle evokes the main stages of the life of a human being, paradoxically struck by isolation and freedom. Presented in Cannes, it is the first international co-production for famed Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli.

+ Q&A with dir. Michael Dudok de Wit

Slack Bay 10 Nov
24th French Film Festival
Summer 1910 in the North of France some mysterious disappearances have thrown the region into turmoil and the infamous Inspector Machin and his shrewd assistant Malfoy carry out an investigation. Presented in Cannes this year, Bruno Dumont’s latest film is an exhilarating, absurdist comedy with a first class French cast.