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Elstree 76+ Q&A with director and originalStar Wars cast member

Lexi Cinema, 23 November 6.30pm, tickets here.

This is a sweet, quietly funny and intriguing focus on 10 character actors and extras who featured in Star Wars (filmed at Elstree in 1976).  No one had any idea then that they’d forever be defined by the one or two days they spent on the set of 'yet another' sci-fi movie.  Says one:  "We thought we were making a television show."  Catch up with Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), stormtrooper Laurie Goode and cantina waitress Pam Rose, all of whom stayed in the business but never surpassed their 5 minutes of fame as bitplayers in the film. Paul Blake says with good humor, “I have played Macbeth. I’ve performed with the Royal Court Theatre.  But my epitaph will say, ‘Here lies Greedo.’ ”  And while riding the wave of Star Wars cultdom, the film also takes a step back to look at the arbitrariness of celebrity and it's place in our star-driven culture.

At this special Lexi Cinema screening,  Time Out's resident Star Wars enthusiast and film critic Tom Huddleston hosts Elstree 1976's director, Jon Spiro, the doc's producer, Hank Starrs, and also professional supporting actor, Derek Lyons, who had two roles in Star Wars .

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