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Raindance Film Festival (23rd September – 4th October 2015 in Central London )

The Newcomer opens this year's Raindance

The Newcomer opens this year's Raindance

Now in its 23rd year, Raindance festival jumps into the film festival calendar just before the big beast that is London Film Festival arrives. Raindance prides itself on a strong legacy of showing alternative films and uncovering the hottest new filmmakers to hit the cinematic scene.  Raindance-premiered hits include Memento, Old Boy, the Blair Witch Project, Pusher, Ghost World and Love Exposure. Indie is the name of the game.

This year sees Raindance kick off on 23 September with a gala screening of Kai Barry’s second feature as writer and director- spy thriller Newcomer, at Vue West End, see details below:

The Newcomer:

Wednesday 23 September 2015

6.45pm Screening followed by Q&A with Director Kai Barry
9.00pm After-Party with a live performance from Little Barrie

Film: Vue West End, 3 Cranbourn St, Leicester Square, WC2H 7AL
After-Party: Café de Paris, 3-4 Coventry St, W1D 6BL

Alex is a determined intelligence operative looking for work. His turbulent past means he has trouble finding it, but his gift for observing and analysing lead him to be employed by a private intelligence company in Serbia. However, on his first mission, something goes terribly wrong and his entire team are killed by a mysterious agent. The blame is put squarely on Alex’s shoulders and, hunted by his employers, he goes on the run with just an audio recording of that fateful night to help him piece together what happened and clear his name. He will get some help in his mission but, with a shadowy private contractor on their tail, the dangers might prove too high for everyone. ‘Newcomer’ effectively plays with themes of memory and revelation as it follows Alex’s journey, replaying the failed mission through flashbacks where characters are played by different actors, or where key events happen slightly differently or are seen from a different perspective. Kai Barry’s second feature as writer and director is a brutal and engaging spy thriller, with some great action sequences that culminate in a heart-stopping final act.