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Cigarette Burns presents THEY HAVE CHANGED THEIR FACE (Barbican 16th Sept)

Barbican. 16 September 2015. 8.30pm

Tickets and details here.

The inimitable Cigarette Burns returns to the Barbican to host yet another unique find dug up from the hidden corners of film history.

Cigarette Burns recently stumbled across Hanno Cambiato Faccia (aka They Have Changed Their Face), the work of director Corrado Farina, better known for sexy BDSM comic book adaptation Baba Yaga. However, the CB argues that They Have Changed Their Face has the edge on its better-remembered successor:

" [It]is the far more adventurous, thought provoking and superior effort. A reimagining of the Dracula/Nosferatu mythos, it centres around a lowly automotive manager who is summoned to the company president's mountain villa. Once there, he's subjected to a barrage of surreal and insidious advertising for every item he encounters. It's slowly revealed that the president, Engineer Nosferatu (Adolfo Celi) is much more than a mere business man, he has hands in many pies, and runs every facet of society.  Our hero is faced with the difficult decision join the cabal and reap the rewards, or embrace his revulsion at the manipulation and reject society as he knows it."

In light of that, how can you resist? 

They Have Changed Their Face is part of the Barbican's autumn season which looks at the world of high finance, the nature of capitalism, greed and power; The Colour of Money. Full listings and details are here, and you can also read some of the They Have Change Their Face director's upcoming autobiography here.