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Badlands Collective Cannon Films tribute (14-27 September 2015)

14th, 20th & 27th September 2015

Venues include Prince Charles CinemaRegent Street Cinema, and Ritzy

Since their heyday in the 1980s, Cannon Films back catalog has now grown into a retro, guilty pleasure for a certain generation who grew up perusing the VHS racks in corner shops. For that is where Cannon Film's particular brand of C-grade low budget films largely ended up being consumed. The creation of the Israeli duo Menaham Golen and Yorum Globus, Cannon Films barged into Hollywood in the 80s set on world domination, backed by huge egos and uncontrolled spending. But it didn't quite work out. They were sneered at by critics and concerned parents for sleaze like American Ninja and the infamously titled Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, yet somehow the odd well-regarded piece of arthouse or genre fare would emerge, like John Cassavetes's Love Streams. Eventually the studio imploded after a string of box office failures and wild investments, but today the Cannon filmography has achieved immortality via fans devoted to so-bad-its-good cinema.

Badlands Collective aims to show 'the bastard children of both poles of Cannon's nature' in this upcoming celebration of their output. They also promise 35mm trailers and some decorative 'bits and bobs' from the old Cannon Cinemas chain that was so ubiquitous in the UK the 1980s.

You can read our review of the recent documentary that explored the history of Cannon Films, Electric Boogaloo, here.

BARFLY (1987) / 52 PICK-UP (1986)
35mm double-bill, Prince Charles Cinema, 14 September 2015

Tickets from £7 (single) / £9 (double-bill) via the Prince Charles Cinema's website -

35mm double-bill, Regent Street Cinema, 20 September 2015

Tickets at £11 (single) / £15 (double-bill) via the Regent Street Cinema's website -

35mm double-bill, Ritzy Cinema, 27 September 2015

Double-bill tickets from £11.60 via the Ritzy Cinema's website -