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Shuffle Festival 2015 ( July 21- August 1 2015)

 The Arbor screens at Shuffle Festival with director Clio Barnard attending for Q&A later

The Arbor screens at Shuffle Festival with director Clio Barnard attending for Q&A later

SHUFFLE FESTIVAL  - Movement, Migration & Place
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Mile End, 24 July to 1st August 

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The mixed arts Shuffle Festival  returns to London’s Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (THCP) from 24th July to 1st August, with a programme exploring themes of Movement, Migration & Place. This year’s Shuffle Festival - curated by Kate MacTiernan, Grace Boyle, Lizzy Daish, Jess Sutton, and India Hamilton - will tell the stories of where we came from, where we are and where we are going.
Taking place over nine days, Shuffle will bring films, performance art, science, virtual reality, music, architectural installations, storytelling, walks, comedy and food to the 31 acre Victorian cemetery in Mile End, which opened in 1841. 
In terms of cinema, filmmakers Danny Boyle (who has been associated with the festival from the start) and Clio Barnard will be in attendance, with  the outdoor cinema programme beginning with Clio Barnard giving a talk following a screening of her critically acclaimed The Arbor (which was partly filmed in THCP) plus screenings of The Godfather Part II and Four Lions. There will also be a special screening in one of the fields of Penny Woolcock’s archive film From The Sea To The Land Beyond, accompanied live by British Sea Power, who created the original soundtrack, and supported by the Inner Vision Orchestra Quartet. The documentary was made from 100 years of film heritage held at the BFI National Archive. Danny Boyle will also be doing Q&As after screenings of his films 127 Hours and The Beach.

ee the website for full details.