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Scifi Theatre presents Death Watch (1980) on Monday 20th July

Monday 20th July at the Victoria in Dalston.

Details here.

The Scifi theatre are back, with another carefully curated scifi curiosity, plus special prints you can buy and the lovely location of the Victoria pub in Dalston.

Directed by Bertrand TavernierDeath Watch is the story of Katherine Mortenhoe (Romy Schneider), who has been diagnosed with an incurable disease. In a near-future where death from illness is extremely unusual, she becomes an unwitting celebrity and is besieged by journalists and a television company called NTV, headed by the creepy but still somehow likeable Vincent Ferriman (Harry Dean Stanton). When Katherine goes on the run she meets Roddy (Harvey Keitel), unaware that he is a NTV cameraman who has undergone an experimental surgical procedure in which cameras have been implanted behind his eyes…

Tickets will be £5 on the door, or just £3.50 in advance from the shop.