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Dochouse Food is Power season (17th - 23rd July)

17th - 23rd July Bertha DocHouse at Curzon Bloomsbury.

Details here.

A season of documentaries about the stuff we, often without thought, put in our mouths.

Includes the quirky, don't do this at home doc That Sugar Film, reviewed here.

See details below:

What is the real price for a sugar hit, a cheap bottle of wine, sushi every day or a ‘healthy’ protein-based diet? You are what you eat… but could what you eat be hurting your body and harming the planet?

Join us for a season of independent docs focusing on the issues we face in an ever more agro-industrialized world; looking at the short term effects of our food choices and the legacy we’re leaving on the planet for the next generation. Each different in style, these passionate and personal investigative films challenge the status quo and expose what the mega food producers don’t want you to know.