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The Duke Mitchell Film Club presents: DukeFest 2015 ( 28 June - 1 July)

28 June - 1 July

The Prince Charles Cinema, Phoenix Artists Club. Details here.

Come on, don't pretend you weren't intrigued by the poster alone? In truth, The Duke Mitchell Film Club has always been about more than appearances; its the film club that celebrate the unusual, the lost, and the funny whether on 35mm or VHS. Now the second DukeFest is back, with two premieres, more VHS experiments, a worldwide search for the best Found Footage clips and more!

Sunday 28 June
8.45PM | The Treatment | Opening Night | The Prince Charles Cinema

Monday 29 June
VHS Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club
7.30PM | Stairway To Stardom: Retrospective w/live translation
8.15PM | Private Spy: The Full Exposé
9.00PM | The Great VHS Experiment 3: The Rewind

Tuesday 30 June
Found Footage Night | Free Entry | The Phoenix Artists Club
7.30PM | Eleganza: The Eebony Years Fanzine Launch
8.00PM | Night Of The Found Footage
9:00PM | Found Footage Worldwide

Wednesday 1 July
9.00PM | Norway  | Closing Night The Prince Charles Cinema