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Whirled Cinema presents: Citizenfour

Whirled Cinema, 1 June, 8pm
Details here.

Whirled Cinema in June are showing Laura Poitras's award-winning and vital documentary on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (read the review here).


In January 2013 Laura Poitras started receiving encrypted emails from a stranger calling himself Citizen Four. The mystery correspondent was offering her inside information about illegal wiretrapping and eavesdropping practices that were being used by US National Security Agency (NSA) and other intelligence services after 9/11. Poitras travelled with her camera to Hong Kong to meet with Citizen Four: Edward Snowden. This extraordinary piece of observational cinema reveals the NSA spying scandal as it happened, giving the film a unique sense of immediacy and tension. Viewers become part of the drama as director Poitras films Edward Snowden locked in a hotel room, as they watch his bombshell hit the media and impact his and Poitras’ lives forever. Snowden is a truly camera-shy stranger to the media who, it is apparent, doesn’t want to be part of any story. Yet here he is at the centre of a worldwide government scandal. Citizenfour is a real-life thriller that “not only shows you the dangers of governmental surveillance- it makes you feel them”.