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Whirled Cinema presents: The Perverts Guide to Cinema (13 April)

Whirled Cinema, Loughborough Junction.

Tickets and Details here.

Mon 13 April, starts 8.30pm, doors open 7.00pm

Courtesy of Loughborough Junctions Whirled Cinema club, discover (or rediscover) the thinkings of cultural critic and philosopher (and film nut) Slavoj Zizek, who loves nothing more than inserting himself into film clips from some of his favourite movies as he explores sex, death, dreams, and much more.

From Whirled Cinema:

Philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Zizek presents the “pervert’s guide to cinema” with explorations of various films from a psychoanalytical perspective. He looks particularly at the sexual history of films and often inserts himself into the scene or settings of the films he discusses, adding to the playful and inventive presentation of his ideas. Slavoj Zizek’s theoretical interpretation of the selected films, which cross the spectrum from David Lynch to Star Wars, makes for a somewhat mad and highly entertaining piece of cinema.

Tickets are £5 for non members (two for one tickets available for members) in advance from the HOME PAGE.