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Bechdel Test Film Club presents The Stepford Wives (23 March , 7.30pm)

Doors at 7.30pm and film starts at 7.45pm.

Amersham arms. Free.

The Bechdel Test Film Club screens film that passes the Bechdel Test. To pass, a film must:
a. have at least two [named] women in it
b. who talk to each other
c. about something that isn't a man

The club meets on the last Monday or Wednesday of the month, upstairs at the Amersham Arms in New Cross.

On Monday 23 March the BTFC will be screening the 1975 original version of The Stepford Wives. According to founder Lucy Smee, this film passes the test as: "when Joanna moves to the Connecticut suburb of Stepford she finds the other women a bit too obsessed with their looks and housework. She starts a Women's Lib club but the other women take over and it all starts to get a bit creepy... "