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UCL Festival of the Moving Image: Secret and Lies (27 Feb- 2 March)

 27 February 2015 – 02 March 2015

UCL Bloomsbury Theatre

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Organised by UCL students, the FOMI festival this year boasts not only a screening of the now Oscar-Winning documentary CitizenFour, but a screening of Stanley Kubrick's WWI drama Paths of Glory which will be followed by a Q&A with Kubrick's producer and friend Jan Harlan. The programme's theme of Secret and Lies reflects the current fallout from the Edward Snowden revelations, Wikileaks and Guantanamo Bay amongst other issues. Mr Turner director Mike Leigh will also be popping in to talk about his earlier film Secrets and Lies, also playing as part of the festival.

FOMI details:

The award-winning Festival of the Moving Image (FoMI) returns on the 27th February with a thrilling new programme! As a result of last year’s success, the festival has been transferred to the Bloomsbury Theatre in central London. The 2015 festival will run over four days and will feature a superb selection of headline films and Q&A panels with renowned industry figures, as well as interactive activities, such as a guided walking tour. As with previous years, members of UCLU Film Society have assembled a festival committee who take sole responsibility for the planning and running of the event. In addition, this year the festival is very fortunate to have the support of ODEON Cinemas.

Our headline events and film screenings on 27th and 28th of February, as well as 2nd March, will take place in the prestigious 550-seater Bloomsbury Theatre in the heart of central London. On 1st March, screenings will be hosted in ODEON Tottenham Court Road (the walking tour will also begin and end in the surrounding area). For full programming details, please check our films + events and schedule pages.

This year, the festival will focus on the theme of “Truth and Lies”. Recently, issues surrounding government surveillance and secrecy have been thrust into the limelight. In particular, publications like WikiLeaks, the Snowden files, and the Guantanamo Diary have fuelled impassioned debate and discussion: is it acceptable for governments to lie to protect its people? Is it in our interest not to know the whole truth? Can privacy exist in the modern world? The medium of film has long been the weapon of choice for those who seek to conceal, as well as reveal – this year, FoMI turns its attention to a selection of provocative and outstanding films exploring the finer lines between fact and fiction.