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Greece: The End of Austerity screening with Q&A with Channel 4's Paul Mason and Director Theopi Skarlatos (Artfix, 18 Feb 2015)

This could be the perfect event for those looking to read the story behind Greece's current economic troubles, and the dramatic rise to power of the left wing Syria party in recent elections.

From Artfix:

The battle between Greece’s radical left government Syiza and the global financial system is captivating the world. The drama could end quickly - if Greek banks collapse; it could end in a massive U-turn by Europe, or social chaos. Come and discuss the situation over food and drink with the makers of the short documentary Greece: The End of Austerity, which follows Syriza's activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, to the nail biting final days.

Channel 4 Economics Editor Paul Mason and journalist and director, Theopi Skarlatos will be at artFix on Wednesday 18th to introduce the film over food and drink and tell you about their plans for part two of their documentary.

Any money raised on the night will go straight to helping the team complete a feature-length documentary so they can continue to tell the story of this unique radical left government in Europe.

Tickets cost £10 for this one-off event, a unique opportunity to meet with the filmmakers and discuss their work with them. Book your place on the link below.