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Cigarette Burns presents: Venus in Furs (Barbican, 9.25pm, 14 February 2015)

Barbican Cinema 1


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If the thought of the terms "Valentine's Day movie" makes you dig your nails so hard int the palms of your hand that they bleed, fear not. Film connoisseur Cigarette Burns has the medicine, a screening of Jeff Franco's avant-garde grindhouse VENUS IN FURS, with an introduction by the man who has trawled through all 200 of Franc's films in order to construct a full published study- Stephen Thrower. The screening will use a rare 35mm print that will be promptly returned to the US afterwards. A once in a lifetime viewing opportunity, therefore.

See details below:

This gorgeous, dreamlike tale of erotic obsession from Spanish director Jess Franco was inspired by a conversation with legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, who described to him one of the long reveries he experienced while playing a solo. 

A trumpet player in an Istanbul jazz venue witnesses the murder of a beautiful blonde jet-setter at the hands of three thrill-seeking aristos (among them depraved, blood-supping playboy Klaus Kinski). Haunted by the memory of this incident, he moves to Rio and begins an affair with a nightclub singer but becomes increasingly obsessed with a mysterious woman who is a dead-ringer for the murdered Wanda. 

A winning combination of softcore grindhouse and avant-garde techniques, this film is as free-form as great jazz and features a lively jazz-influenced score by British musician Manfred Mann and his band, some of it performed on screen. 

Germany/Italy/UK 1969 Dir Jess Franco 86 min

Curated by Cigarette Burns Cinema and with thanks to the American Genre Film Archive for the use of their rare original 35mm release print