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Melies' A Trip to the Moon with live NASA remixed score by Antwerp

Wed 11 FEB - Hackney Attic
Tickets £9
Doors 7:30pm-9:30pm

Tickets and details here

If you have never seen Georges Méliès' silent scifi classic, regarded as part of the birth of science fiction on film, now could be the time. The Hackney Picturehouse Attic venue will be running a screening of A Trip to the Moon, and in addition, Antwerp will be providing a live score using sound samples just made public from the official NASA archives. Trippy!

From the Hackney Picturehouse

A screening of the silent film by cinematic magician, Georges Méliès (1902) [re-coloured version] with live score by Antwerp.

Members of the Astronomic Club land on the moon in a cannon-launched rocket and encounter the King of the Moon and his Selenite army, who explode into a puff of smoke on being struck by the astronomers' umbrellas.

Nasa recently released a massive library of sound samples on Soundcloud, including solar wind noises, rockets launching and radio transmissions. Improvising and collaborating with other musicians, Antwerp will use space sounds to create an otherworldly soundscape where 'time/space' is stretched ad infinitum.

The night will start off with a brief introduction to Radio Astronomy (the study of radio radiation from celestial sources). Then we will be screening the film, A TRIP TO THE MOON (15mins) and a selection of videos (circa40 mins) about the majestic beauty of the Cosmos.

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