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Back To The Future Days (Various Cinemas, Oct 21, 2015)

October 21, 2015 is the future day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly visit in Back To The Future Part II, encountering flying cars, hoverboards, and $50 Pepsis, amongst other things that we seem not to have invented yet. So cinemas around London,  are taking the opportunity to finally screen the film again in cinemas:

Back to the Future II will be screening at various Picturehouse cinemas October 21st:

See here for participating Picturehouse cinemas.


The Prince Charles Cinema will be screening Back to the Future and Back To The Future II at several times during the day on October 21st.


Everyman Cinemas also will be screening Back to the Future II at various cinemas and at various times on the same day, check their website for details.

and if you want something special.....

Corbet Place Bar and Lounge, Spitalfields

This venue will be hosting a Back To The Future Screening...with The Delorean