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Science Fiction Theatre presents: BRAINSTORM (The Victoria, 19 Oct 7pm)

The Science Fiction Theatre programme continues at The Victoria on Monday 19th October with a rare screening of Brainstorm, a 1983 film directed by Douglas Trumbull, the special effects supervisor of 2001: A Space Odyssey and director of Silent Running.


A team of researchers led by Michael Brace (Christopher Walken) and Lillian Reynolds (Louise Fletcher) develop a system that allows the recording and playback of a person's thoughts onto videotape. But when one of their colleagues uses the technology to explore intense sexual experiences, the project starts to spin dangerously out of control...

Realising the potential of the interface, the military moves to hijack the technology for their own nefarious purposes, forcing Brace to team up with his estranged wife Karen (Natalie Wood) in a desperate effort to stop them.

Tickets will be £5 on the door or £3.50 if bought in advance via the shop.