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Bechdel Test Film Club January Screening: Mildred Pierce (Monday January 26, 7.30pm )

Monday January 26, 7.30pm (film at 7.45pm)

Upstairs at the Amersham Arms, New Cross
Free entry.

The Bechdel Test Film Club, named after the test to show how the gender bias within a given movie is, aims to show films that comment on or push back against the stereotyping or outright ignoring of female characters in cinema history (with attention also given to other underrepresented groups). Its run by film archivist Lucy Smee. Up this month is Michael Curtiz's Mildred Pierce.

FYI to pass the test a film must:

1. Have two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something that isn’t a man

BFC website.

BFC  facebook event page.

From the BFC:

We're showing Mildred Pierce (1945, dir. Michael Curtiz), one of Joan Crawford's best performances. Mildred is a housewife who finds business success but who has a difficult relationship with her spoiled daughter, Veda. I wouldn't really describe it as a feminist film but it is certainly female-focused, and I think it'll be interesting to discuss its portrayal of motherhood.