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Culture Shock presents GHOST IN THE SHELL for one night only on the big screen

Picturehouse cinemas

Sep 27 9pm

Tickets and details here.

For only one day at Picturehouse cinemas, you can catch a new digital reissue of the hugely influential cult anime sci fi film GHOST IN THE SHELL courtesy of Culture Shock.

This is the film that not only started its own global franchise, but alongside AKIRA, helped open Western audiences up to Japanese animation. Its influence can be felt in films like The Matrix and Avatar. Spielberg is a fan, and has entertained plans of a live action remake.

Guardian article on the legacy of GITS.

From The Picturehouse Site:

First there was AKIRA, then there was GHOST IN THE SHELL. See this anime classic how it was intended – on the big screen in glorious HD! For one day only on Saturday 27 September - don't miss!
2029 – A female cybernetic government agent, Major Motoko Kusanagi, and the Internal Bureau of Investigations are hot on the trail of 'The Puppet Master', a mysterious and menacing computer virus capable of infiltrating human hosts. 

Together with her fellow agents from Section 9, they embark on a high-tech race against time to capture the omnipresent entity. 

GHOST IN THE SHELL took the world by storm, exhibiting a new dimension of anime with unprecedented, mesmerising cinematic expression. Seamlessly merging traditional cel animation with CGI, this stunning sci-fi spectacle challenged the boundaries of the medium with detailed artistry and a uniquely intelligent storyline. 

Veteran director Mamoru Oshii skilfully creates the ultimate anime experience in this futuristic masterpiece based on the groundbreaking comic book by Masamune Shirow. 

A movie that questions human existence in the fast-paced information age, this award-winning cyber thriller is one of the bestselling Japanese animation films of all time.