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A preview of A MOST WANTED MAN and panel discussion with The Guardian's security writers

Tuesday 2 September, 6.00

Hackney Picturehouse

A chance to see one of Philip Seymour Hoffman's final performances, with a panel team of The Guardian's Richard Norton-Taylor and Observer contributor Henry Porter discussing the issues of security and privacy that the film raises.

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Presented by The Guardian, with panel discussion: The Secret World post-9/11

Tuesday 2 September, 6.00

Hamburg, the present day. The city - where the 9/11 bombers lived and plotted - remains on high alert. When an immigrant, who has been brutally tortured and identified by Interpol as a possible terror suspect, turns up and lays claim to his father's ill-gotten fortune, he attracts the interest of a secret anti-terror unit headed by Günter Bachmann (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Working with the CIA and forming an uneasy alliance with spy Martha Sullivan (Robin Wright), Bachmann must uncover the truth about the man's identity and his possible connections to high-level terrorists.

As the clock ticks down and the stakes rise, the race is on to establish this most wanted man's true motives – is he an oppressed victim or a militant jihadist bent on destruction?

Based on the novel by the master of the spy genre, John le Carré, A MOST WANTED MAN is a gripping espionage thriller that prickles with tension right through to its last heart-stopping scene.

Following the screening there will be a panel discussion exploring how the events of 9/11 changed the security landscape. From unprecedented levels of surveillance to a dramatic increase in scope, 9/11 has had a lasting effect on what John Le Carré refers to as The Secret World.

Join The Guardian's Richard Norton-Taylor and Observer contributor Henry Porter in conversation with guests including Philippe Sands QC.

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